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Our full calendar of classes is now available here.


What We Do Behind the Console, instructed by Matt Buchla

March 8 - May 3

What happens behind the scenes at a local burlesque show? Find out how the people behind scenes maintain the erotic illusion of the performers on stage without the audience ever knowing. If you are or want to be a burlesque performer, understanding every aspect of the show will help you elevate your creativity and unlock new horizons. Technology can be scary, but in this class we will engage with it hands on to pull the curtain back and really figure out what's actually going on in the spooky-looking tech booth.

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Low Flow Invocations, instructed by Onyx Wolf

March 9 - May 4

Dive deep into the magic of low flow and floorwork in this 8 week series with Onyx Wolf. Explore different ways to to move across the floor, find intention in articulations and learn to cast spells with all parts of your body. This course will guide students through various stretching and conditioning exercises, alongside the combos and choreo, to ensure

each being can safely and sensually unlock their own personal magic. 

Clown Class, instructed by Tout D'Lou

March 10 - May 5

With each week, students will learn different basic clowning skills with a focus on one particular skill per class. Then after each lesson, we will apply it physically. We will practice different clowning exercises to further your burlesque character and physical comedy. Also we will cover a brief history of the jester, pierrot, clowning and vaudeville in relation to the history of burlesque to better understand the symbiotic relationship between the two; to further understand how to blend these two skills together. With a potential show at the end of the class to showcase everyone's new skill set!


One-off workshops from the #ShowTHEM series are also available: Character and Comedy with Tootsie Spangles, Dress Your Head with Taryn Luce, History of Fat Burlesque with Mx. Pucks A'Plenty, Let's Make Pasties! with Whisper de Corvo, and more!  

**Members of The Give Inn receive a 10% discount on classes & workshops. Payment plans available upon request. 

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